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Sitcom Showdown

Oct 30, 2018

Brooklyn Nine Nine is nominated by Steve to be a Halloween entry into the Hall of Fame. Can Jake steal the Captain's watch and pull of the ultimate heist? Can Steve pull off a similar miracle by convincing Jeffers that a show he dislikes should earn a place in the hall? Anything is possible on Halloween...


Oct 18, 2018

Cheers earns a nomination from Jeffers in Halloween month for the season 10 episode 'Bar Wars V'. Will this tale of a prank war gone wrong get the nod of approval from Scary Steve-o?

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Theme tune 'Billy Blues' by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution...

Oct 1, 2018

Final Space is nominated by Steve, who thinks the fast-paced animated space adventures of Gary, Mooncake and Avocato have a shot at the hall of fame. Jeffers succumbs to a case of space madness and is left gasping for oxygen. Buckle up those butt cheeks, things are going to get heavy!